Partnering with parents

to help children understand "growing up"

...that each vocation is a call to love which brings forth physical life and/or spiritual life.

​As a program designed to reinforce parents' role as primary educators, PUREly YOU! Growing God's Way is a set of tools the help parents teach their children about the beauty of sexuality and what to expect at the onset of puberty.

The materials are infused with the positive language of the Theology of the Body and though geared for approximately 5th grade, parents are encouraged to learn this enlightening vocabulary and apply it (when it becomes appropriate) as their children grow from infancy and on through the teen years. virtuous living leads to conforming oneself to Christ and experiencing authentic joy.


...what  it means to be made in God’s image. adolescence is part of God’s plan.

...what love is (and is not)!

...​that chaste love is pure love modeled after God’s love for us.

PUREly YOU! is designed to help children understand: caring for themselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and morally will help them to respond to
God’s call.